Minutes – September 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association
Meeting Minutes
23 September 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm, 24 people were present.

Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer reported a closing balance of $3275.43 in the account. Of that balance $864.40 is not already committed to grants.

Standing Committees
Architectural Review Committee:
2108 MRT. The receivership hearing has been postponed until 02 October. Neighbors should write impact letters. Impact letters can be sent to felicia.jackson-taylor@baltimorecity.gov, Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore Housing.
Several Notices to Proceed have been reviewed and approved.
There is a new CHAP city planner assigned to Mount Royal Terrace, named Caitlin Audette, who is proving to be very responsive.

Grants Committee:
Katherine reports that an application was submitted to Parks & People for tree plantings on Mount Royal Terrace and on Whitelock. The application has progressed to the second round.
There will be a Happy Hour to benefit Parks & People at Hirsch’s Pizza, 6-8pm, Wednesday 01 October, suggested donation is $10.

Old Business
MPN update: Counsellors are meeting with residents to help plan with moving. They will be relocated one building at a time, and each building will be demolished as it is emptied.
Welcome Packets have been printed [100 copies] and will be distributed, new neighbors taking priority.

New Business
Candidates for the Association Board were introduced. The candidates are as follows:
Greg Grenier, Katherine Ziombra, Jason Stover, Tom Rinkavage, Freda Fanning, Rayna Tibrey, Carl Young, Larry Schaaf, and Andrea Francisco.
DPW is having a public meeting about the covered water tanks on 09 October at 6-7pm, 3001 Druid Park Drive.

Dan noted a distressed tree on Reservoir St. Andrea will inform Cal. It was suggested that a tree survey be undertaken because several trees seem distressed.

Andrea asked for volunteers to help clean the garden bed on North Ave nearest the intersection of MRT. The date will be 01 November.

Amy suggested we participate in the Upper Eutaw-Madison Poinsettia Tour. Andrea will give her contact information to investigate the possibility.

Bettie asked about updates concerning the proposed train tunnel beneath our neighborhood. There is no news. Carl promised to inquire further.

Volunteer Day will be cleanup Park Avenue starting at North Ave on Saturday 27 September starting at 9:30am. There will be a monthly rotation along MRT, North Avenue and Park Avenue.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. The next Meeting will be 23 October.