Minutes – September 2013

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association

REVISED – Meeting Minutes – REVISED
17 September 2013

Meeting Called to order at 7:05 pm Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported a closing balance of $5252.35 in the account. Of that balance $3200 is obligated to grant spending. Disbursements were $7.80 this month for spray paint.

Old Business
Nominations for Association Officers:
 President – Sultana Jones/Justin Ziombra
 Vice President – Andrea Francisco
 Treasurer – Doug Hartzell
 Secretary – Carl Young
– RESOLUION to create a new Board position for Block Captain Chairperson – PASSED Nomination for Block Captain Chair – OPEN
– RESOLUTION to close nominations for these positions within one week – PASSED

Baltimore Community Foundation Grant:
– Costs are still unknown for the proposed projects, which include, repair of the lower sidewalk on
2000 block of MRT, and installation of historic lighting on the pedestals at the east end of Lennox.
– RESOLUTION to form a committee to explore costs – PASSED
o Committee members; Sarah Buikema (co-chair), Kim Forsyth (co-chair), Shineka Miller, member

Crime Update:
– Kim Forsyth now has the names and phone numbers of each police patrol assigned to our neighborhood. Neighbors are encouraged to call her as well as 911 if the see a crime in progress [or call her and 311 for a police non-emergency]. Text messages to the police have been effective [quick response time].

– With Regard to the Afrikan National Walkathon, it was discussed to warn the leader that we will no longer tolerate the endangerment of children.
– RESOLUTION to draft a letter warning Afrikan National Walkathon that any future use of child labor in the street will be referred to CPS – PASSED
o Kim Forsyth will draft a letter to ANW for prior review by the HMRTA board Cleanup Day:
– It was agreed to work on the lower sidewalk of the 2000 block of MRT this Saturday at 9am.

New Business
 2204 1⁄2 MRT is abandoned. The next door neighbor has information about the location of the owner. Kim Forsyth will attempt to contact her.
 Anthony Palmer suggested a dog park in the lot north of the Bond House. Anthony will explore this idea and present it to the Association.
 Freda Fanning will explore a presentation of ideas and costs for rain barrels for association members at an upcoming meeting.

Meeting Minutes