Minutes – October 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association
Meeting Minutes
23 October 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm, 21 people were present.

Tom asked those present to fill out forms asking members to name issues for HMRTA to work on during the upcoming year. Neighbors can also send their suggestions directly to HMRTA via email to historicmountroyal@gmail.com.

Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer reported a closing balance of $3200 in the account. HMRTA received $2491.61 from the Home & Garden Tour. $15.11 was spent to reprint fliers for the Oct. meeting. Doug suggested setting spending limits.

Standing Committees
Architectural Review Committee:
2108 MRT. A receiver has been appointed for the disposition of this property.

1906 & 1918 MRT. There has been no action on installation of parking pads on these properties, which is a requirement of the change-in-use stipulated by BMZA. The ARC will continue to monitor the situations.
There are repair grants available for use on private properties in our historic district. Please contact ARC members for more information.

Grants Committee:
Katherine reports that funding is being set up. Planting of trees on Whitelock will take place in the early spring. There will be three weekends for planting and weeding. On the 2300 block of MRT there will be tree pruning. Michael Marshall in the 2300 block was contacted about helping with his landscaping, which he appreciated. The committee is considering sending fliers out to Whitelock residents to ask for help.

Home & Garden Tour:
There is no new business to report at this point. BPN seem to want to have a Tour next year. HMRTA is waiting on their direction.

Old Business
Election of the new Board. There were seven remaining candidates for seven positions, the membership was asked to accept all candidates by a show of hands. The board has been unanimously elected. The new board consists of Greg Grenier, Katherine Ziombra, Jason Stover, Tom Rinkavage, Rayna Tibrey, Carl Young, and Andrea Francisco. The board met two weeks ago and has named its officers. The new president is Greg, vice president is Katherine, treasurer is Jason, and secretary is Andrea.

MPN update: Shineka reported that residents have been asked to vacate the site by 01 December 2014.

New Business
Carl introduced a proposed draft amendment to the bylaws to create a director-emeritus position and bestow that honor to Paul Hartzell in recognition of his years of service to the neighborhood and to allow HMRTA to continue to to benefit from his experience.

Andrea asked for volunteers to help plant in the median garden bed on North Ave nearest MRT. The event will take place on Saturday, November 1, from 9am-noon.

Amy reported on possible participation in the Upper Eutaw-Madison Poinsettia Tour. That association discouraged the idea.

There will be a presentation on the proposed train tunnel on Wednesday 29 October from 5 to 8 at Mount Royal Elementary School. Carl volunteered to attend.

There will be a BPD Community Relations Council meeting for our district [Central] on Tuesday 28 October at 6:30pm at 500 East Baltimore St. Rayna volunteered to attend.

Carl spoke with Major Marcus of the Central District who offered to facilitate police stops of buyers leaving MPN if HMRTA will assist in identifying them. Carl will ask for volunteers to participate in a stake-out. Neighbors were asked to keep a record of any illicit activity they witness. Information should be forwarded to hmrta.safety@gmail.com.

Lars is concerned about whether the neighborhood will be involved in re-development plans for MPN. Membership nominated him to chair a committee to monitor the situation. Shineka agreed to serve as co-chair.
Volunteer Day will be a cleanup of the 2200 and 2300 blocks of MRT on Saturday 25 October starting at 9:00am.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.