Minutes – November 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association
Meeting Minutes
November 25, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm, 23 people in attendance.

Greg welcomed all who were attending. Stated his hope was to work with other community groups in the neighborhood to do what’s best for the entire community of Reservoir Hill.

Approval of Minutes – There was a motion to approve the last meeting minutes. Conversation arose regarding if everyone has had the opportunity to see the minutes. The Board agreed to have hard copies present at the meetings so all others may review.

Board Retreat – Greg informed everyone of the board retreat that took place on November 8 and its purpose. He emphasized that the board is committed to the community and that we took 3 1/2 hours of to hear the concerns and desires of the community.

Rayna offered a more in depth touch on our process of vetting all of the wish list submissions. It was emphasized that the board looked at every submission. Greg presented the committees to the group and the committee chairs.

– Safety – Carl Young Chair, Jason Stover assisting
– Lighting – Jason Stover Chair, Carl Young assisting
– Social – Rayna Tibrey Chair, Andrea Francisco assisting
– Greening and Beatification – Andrea and Katie Ziombra to Co-chair
– Infrastructure – Jason and Carl
– MPN- Shineka Miller, Lars Peterson and Tom Rinkavage
– ARC/CHAP – Randy Chair, Lauren and Amy
– Community Outreach – Greg asked from help from the floor on this. Katie, Dan Brose and Paul Walker volunteered

Greg asked Larry if he would consider the position of corresponding secretary. He agreed.

Treasurer’s report – Jason presented how much money was in the HMRTA account.
$6519.58 Total
$3196.66 Restricted: $785 allocated for two Parks and People grants, $2411 allocated for 2000 MRT sidewalk repair

Standing Committees

Grants – Katie mentioned we had several projects going on and we would revisit the Parks and People grants for the 2300 blocks of MRT and 600 block of Whitelock in the spring.

Architectural Review – There were no CHAP representatives present. That report will be provided at the next meeting

Old Business
a. MPN update – Lars spoke about attending the Mount Royal Community Development Corporation Happy Hour on November 20. He discussed the MRCDC displays ideas were for what they would like to see built after MPN is demolished. Lars indicated that the displays were not what was going to be built and that MRCDC did not have much say in what would replace MPN. Others who attended the Happy Hour shared their experience. It was explained that the MRCDC is a community group that is trying to be proactive about neighborhood development in Reservoir Hill and Bolton Hill.

Shineka was able to attend a closed-door meeting at City Hall about MPN. It was unclear who was present at the meeting. She said that several options have been proposed including a grocery store, housing, and a MICA performance hall. However, the meeting chairs had mentioned to the attendees that the neighborhoods surrounding MPN did not want a grocery store/performance hall because of concerns over increased traffic and parking; it was not clear which neighbors were surveyed. No one from HMRTA was asked about his or her opinions on development. Shineka expressed concerns about how the MPN/City Hall process was proceeding. The MPN committee will discuss the concerns/issues and report back to the board. The board then would bring the issue to the neighbors

b. Beautification/Greening- Andrea discussed the successful North Avenue median planting. Over three Saturdays, several neighbors helped removed weeds and planted several shrubs, bulbs, and other plants. Another bulb planting, sponsored by the Neighborhood Design Center, will take place on Saturday November 29th and will be led by Russ Moss.

Elizabeth Schaaf and Katie were able to help with a mini-neighborhood cleanup on Tuesday November 25 in the dell that is below the Birckhead/Mount Royal Mansion. It was led by Ashe Smith of Parks and People with support from Katie Lautar and Perri DeJarnette of Baltimore GreenSpace. A group of students from Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women also participated. The group worked to remove brush, vines, and over growth and planted several trees. Larry Shaaf suggested HMRTA send a thank you letter on behalf of the community, everyone agreed.

Katie mentioned that one goal of the beautification committee is to collaborate with Parks and People and Baltimore GreenSpace on this property. The committee wants to continue the overgrowth removal and beautification

c. B&P Train Tunnel Project – Greg discussed the community meeting regarding the proposed tunnel that would replace the existing Amtrak line. Reservoir Hill would be affected by several of the proposed plans. The group that presented the tunnel information did not have a budget for any of the proposed plans. A meeting with the Mount Royal Improvement Association (Bolton Hill), Bolton Park Neighbors and HMRTA to discuss the project is being planned for January.

d. Update on Bolton Park Neighbors (neighboring Reservoir Hill block club) – New board elected: Chet Myers- Vice President; Paul Gentner – Secretary; Rosemary Paternel Treasurer. As of 11/25/14 a president had not been selected; several candidates were interested in the position.

New Business
a. Charlotte of 2206 Mount Royal Terrace expressed concerns about the property at 2204 ½ MRT. There is a significant trash issue in both the front and back of the house. There have been several people stopping by to look at the house, but no one knows how to get in contact with the owner. She has tried to contact 311 several times but has become frustrated with them and their inability to address any of her concerns. She has been in contact with the residents of 2204 MRT, but unfortunately, neither party has been able to get very far with the city. She is looking for assistance from the board. This topic will be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

b. Doug discussed the city’s initiative to reduce the rat population. He passed out forms that residents can submit to give the city permission to exterminate or bait for rats. The form will be uploaded to the HMRTA website.

c. Dan inquired about the relationship between HMRTA and RHIC. Greg is going to meet with Eli Lopatin who is RHIC’s Neighborhood Initiaves Coordinator to discuss how RHIC plans to support the community and HMRTA as a whole.

d. Shineka asked about the status of the BGE gas line replacement project. Doug reported that Cal and Kim have been in contact with the project managers.

Next neighborhood cleanup is on Saturday, December 6th at 9am in the 2100 block of MRT.

On Sunday December 28, from 4-8pm there will be a round robin holiday social for all neighbors. Rayna, Katie and Joseph Harrod volunteered to be hosts. BPN has been invited.

The next general meeting will be held in January at 2001 Park Ave.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

Submitted by K. Ziombra, R. Tibrey and A. Francisco