Minutes – May 2015

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association

Meeting minutes, Monday 18 May 2015

Called to order at 7pm

Thelma Winn came from Department of Health, division of Aging and Care Services. She distributed information describing some benefits the division offers. These benefits include transportation and legal advice. The division is located at 417 East Fayette St, phone number (410) 396-2273. Citizens can make an appointment to discuss benefits in person.
Treasurer’s report: The HMRTA account has $6519.28, of which $785.66 is allocated for grants.
Outreach: State center event was a success. The event was held to show public support for State funding of redevelopment of State Center. The event was an outdoor festival with food trucks and a band. Delegate Robinson attended. A petition was circulated in support of State Center’s redevelopment. If the state approves redevelopment, a private developer will retrofit many of the buildings and build others, then lease the buildings back to the state. Ten neighborhood associations unanimously support the redevelopment.
Baltimore Green Space is in the process of taking the responsibility for the maintenance of the park in the center of the block bounded by Mount Royal, Lennox, Park and Reservoir.
RHIC: No update.
Greening and Beautification: Will start work spending grant money on cleaning up Whitelock. The activity would involve weeding, cleaning up trash and planting a tree on the 600 block of Whitelock, and the 2300 block of Mount Royal Terrace.
MECU granted HMRTA $400 for a neighborhood party. The party will probably be held during mid or late June.
BGE: Gas lines that will enter houses have a riser that is exposed to the outside, and are not of historic character. HMRTA complained to CHAP. CHAP claims it is trying to “minimize” the risers.
A representative from HMRTA attended 2 appeals to turn houses on the 1900 block into multi-family residences. Zoning appeal was granted on the condition that both houses (1906, 1918) have two-car parking pads in the rear of the house. No parking pads have been added. HMRTA sent a letter to Baltimore City Municipal Board of Zoning Appeals asking it to enforce the law. There was some discussion about the BMZA’s practice of not enforcing its own mandates.
Infrastructure: Still awaiting Peter Krug to inspect the lights at North and MRT.
Wind power: Pricing information was made available for receiving wind electricity. HMRTA receives a $10 credit for each resident who switches to wind power.
Next Police CRC meeting for the Central District will be held Tuesday, 26 May at 6:30 at Police Headquarters.
Meeting adjourned at 8pm as attendees scrambled to get night lights distributed by Division of Aging.