Minutes – May 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association

Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2014

16 members in attendance

Treasurer’s report:

$6520.42. total
$5083.82 encumbered (grants)
$1436.60 unencumbered


CHAP Report – Randy Keck – CHAP Rep

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) formed at April meeting.  Current members are Amy Trevelyn, Lauren Ross and Rand Keck.

Mt. Royal Terrace district includes 2000 block of Park Ave; expanded in 2007


Home and Garden Tour – Kim Forsyth
Tour will be held Sat. June 7 and Sun. June 8
Volunteers are needed to help with various tasks:

–       postcard distribution
–       neighborhood clean-up
–       security
–       ticketing

Contact Kim if interested


Monthly HMRTA clean-ups – Carl Young

Clean-up areas identified; HMRTA will rotate locations to ensure that all high-traffic areas are cleaned on a regular basis

–       Area 1: 2300-2200 block of MRT
–       Area 2: 2100 block of MRT
–       Area 3: 2000-1900 block of MRT
–       Area 4: North Ave
–       Area 5: Park Ave


Bylaws update – Carl Young

HMRTA board approved amendments of the bylaws for membership and elections.  Only members in good standing will be eligible to vote in elections.  To be considered a member in good standing, residents must attend three HMRTA meetings within the past year.

Katie Ziombra suggested identifying another way to classify members as being in good standing besides meeting attendance.


Grant update – Andrea Francisco


RHIC/Baltimore Community Foundation Discretionary Grant

All established block clubs in Reservoir Hill received this grant from RHIC

Total $2700

$400 allocated for Home & Garden Tour postcard printing

$2300 allocated for sidewalk repair on the 2000 block of MRT; project on hold until after BGE completes gasline work later this year


Parks & People Neighborhood Greening Grant

Total $370

Funding awarded for street tree planting project


Baltimore Community Foundation Mobilization Grant

Total $4000

Funding awarded for 1900 blk MRT sidewalk repair, North Ave tree pit expansion, chili cook-off

Grant amended to fund street planter projects on Lennox and Reservoir St, stump removal, upper MRT tree planting and watering



Candidate Forum for 40th District scheduled for 5/21
Last sidewalk workday scheduled for Sat. 5/31
Pre H&G tour clean-up will be scheduled either 5/31 or 6/1
Bulk trash pick-up scheduled for 5/27; call by 5/24 to have items picked up


Next meeting is Tuesday, June 17


Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm