Minutes – March 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association

Meeting Minutes
20 March 2014

Meeting Called to order at 7:05 pm, 16 people present, Introductions were made
Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported a closing balance of $7501.38 in the account. Of that balance $786.68 is not
already committed to grants.

Old Business
– North Avenue Beautification – Twenty-five new trees will be planted beginning Saturday 03 May
at 9am to 1pm. There will be a ceremony to celebrate the planting on 13 May at 2:30.
– Baltimore Community Foundation Grant for Sidewalk Improvement – Only about 60 feet more
to go, or 2 days’ work! Thanks go to all of the volunteers. Stand by for further information on the
next work days.

Home & Garden Tour:
– Monday 24 March is the deadline for submitting designs for the poster contest. H&G Tour asks for
donations to bring in more funding.

BGE Gas Line Replacement:
– BGE & DPW seem to be coordinating between themselves and also with CHAP so far. The project
manager says that they will stay out of the way for the H&G Tour. Work in HMRTA area will be in
the Fall.

Block Captains:
– Current block captains are Justin, Jason and Shineka. Sara is assisting by handing out fliers

New Business
– Bylaws – Carl moved that the draft bylaws that were prepared to update the original bylaws, be
approved. The motion was passed.
– Crime Update – Officer Charles Lee visited to reiterate the commitment of the Central District to
reducing drug activity in the neighborhood. Members thanked him, especially for their efforts to
clear the corners of Park & Lennox and North & Park. The officer said that Neighborhood Watch
numbers can be had from Sgt. Alessi at 410-396-2411.
– Architectural review – Kim announced an initiative for architectural review, which she has
discussed with Anthony and Cal. Andrea moved that there be held an election to select a new
neighborhood CHAP representative. Neighbors discussed that candidates could submit applications
prior to the next meeting, with presentations by the candidates to be made at the next meeting. The
motion was passed.
– Mayor’s Cleanup Day – It was discussed that the neighborhood participate in this, which will be on
26 April.
– Neighborhood Volunteer Day – We will be cleaning up the 2100 block of MRT. Please bring rakes
and gloves. Hours will be from 9am – 10am.
– The Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 15 April in the RHIC office

Meeting Adjourned at 8:11 pm

Meeting Minutes