Minutes – July 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association
Meeting Minutes
17 July 2014

Meeting Called to order at 7:05 pm, 12 people present

Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer reported a closing balance of $3979 in the account. Of that balance $514.46 is not already
committed to grants.

Old Business

Parks & People Grant:
– This grant has been fully utilized.

BCF Target Neighborhood Grant:
– Balance is currently $2411.03

Architectural Review Committee report:

– 1906 MRT. The hearing for conversion of 1906 MRT occurred. Several neighbors addressed the
BMZA Board objecting to conversion of the house to 3 units. Note: BMZA has approved the
conversion with the stipulation that the owner provide 2 parking spaces in the rear of the building.

2108 MRT. There was to be a receivership hearing for this derelict property on 24 July but is
rescheduled for 18 September. Neighbors should write impact letters. Impact letters can be sent to
felicia.jackson-taylor@baltimorecity.gov, Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore Housing.

Grants Committee:
– The new Grants Committee consisting of Rayna and Katherine have suggested forming a focus
group to identify needs to request funding for. The reasoning is that it will save time for future
grants to have a list already prepared. Some suggested tasks: weeds on Whitelock St., expansion of
tree beds.

New Business

– HMRTA 501c3 status has been restored.
– The Board is exploring paying for printing the Welcome packet for general distribution.
– There will be a cookout for National Night Out on 5 August.
– A neighbor has noticed an increase in panhandling at North & MRT. There was open discussion about what to do about the situation.
– A neighbor noted that the iron fence at Johnson Square Daycare Center is an eyesore. There was open discussion about approaching management of the daycare about the disrepair of their property.
– A neighbor complained about police being called upon her for loitering in the street at Park & Lennox on a continual basis.
– Volunteer Day will be cleanup of the MRT/North Ave area during ArtScape.

Next Meeting: 23rd September

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 pm