Minutes – January 2015

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association
Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm; 21 people in attendance

1. Introductions – New neighbors: Justin & Mary Sorois of Lennox St and Elizabeth Wagenheim of Mount Royal Terrace; Cristian Song – Mayor’s Office; Jacob Green – Mount Royal Community Development Corporation (MRCDC); Russ Moss – Baltimore City TreeKeepers
2. Approval of Minutes – A motion was made and seconded to approve 11/25/2015 meeting minutes. Motion carried.
3. Mount Royal CDC
Jacob Green spoke about development on North Ave, including Madison Park North, which is in the process of being closed. Currently, there are 3-4 possible developers for MPN site. MRCDC wants to create a coalition made up of neighborhood groups based in Res Hill, Bolton Hill, Madison Park and Marble Hill that will be affected by the redevelopment of MPN. Board will be meeting offline to discuss whether or not to align with MRCDC over the MPN site.
4. Treasurer’s Report – given by Greg Grenier
Total balance: $6419
Restricted (grants): $3012
The board has set aside $1,000 for 2016. This fund will be not be used until 2016. Additional funds, not allocated to grants, will be available for social events, fundraiser support, etc.

5. Committee Reports
a. Community Outreach – Greg Grenier reported on 40th District Community forum – police officers must now spend at least 30min face time with community members during each shift; Smart Meters for water billing scheduled to be installed in Res Hill by 2016; City has new homeownership program called B-HiP.
b. Lighting – Many suggestions were received during community survey about increasing amount of light in the community. Committee plans to conduct a survey to measure current levels of lighting throughout neighborhood. Public funds may be available to subsidize installation of exterior house lights. The committee will also be contacting other neighborhoods that have benefited from installing outside lights about how the process works (e.g. Pigtown).
c. Greening – Russ Moss spoke about upcoming TreeKeepers training/certification and lack of resources for City tree maintenance. Residents who attend TK training will learn about tree care and will be eligible to assist with tree plantings in public spaces. Classes will be held on Feb 26, Mar 14 and Mar 19 at Mount Royal Rec Center in Bolton Hill. Register at baltimoretreetrust.org

Doug Hartzell is interested in installing a rain garden in Mount Royal Terrace Park to reduce stormwater runoff. He is interesting in applying for grants with BlueWater Baltimore and Parks and People.

Greg has contacted Baltimore Green Space, a land trust, to determine if the city-owned lot between the 600 blocks of Lennox and Reservoir would be eligible for preservation. The board will investigate other opportunities, such as HMRTA purchasing the lot.
d. Social – Spring social ideas include a mini house tour. Committee is looking for suggestions from neighbors for future events.

6. State Center Redevelopment – In limbo. MRCDC is organizing a large event with the State Center Neighborhood Alliance, tentatively on March 27, to promote project/increase community support. Several Baltimore politicians are on board, including Delegate Hayes and Councilman Costello. Information can be found at statecenter.org.
Residents interested in supporting State Center should email their local politicans:
Catherine Pugh: catherine.pugh@senate.state.md.us
Barbara Robinson: barbara.robinson@house.state.md.us
Antonio Hayes: antonio.hayes@house.state.md.us
Eric Costello: Eric.Costello@baltimorecity.gov

7. CHAP Report – Committee would like to focus on long-standing vacants in 2015. 1918 MRT and 1906 MRT have yet to meet conditions of Zoning Board for change of use from single to multi family dwellings. City CHAP contact for Mt Royal Terrace is Caitlin Audette.

8. New Business
a. Meeting Venues – Greg researched numerous alternatives – John Eager Howard Rec Center, RHIC offices and Mt Royal Rec Center in Bolton Hill are the best options based on cost and proximity to neighborhood. John Eager Howard is only available Tuesday evenings.
b. Document Shredding – Neighbors who are interested in having a shredder truck come to Res Hill should contact Greg at greggrenier@verizon.net
c. Baltimore Night in Annapolis – Annual event will be held on February 23 this year. Residents travel with Mayor Rawlings Blake Annapolis to view a legislative session in House or Senate. Call 311 to register.
d. Alley/Street Sweeping – A neighbor inquired about street sweeping for the 600 blocks of Reservoir St and Lennox. Alleys throughout Res Hill are swept every Thursday – neighbors should call 311 if their alleys are not currently being swept. Chet Myers suggested distributing a flier to remind neighbors about alley-cleaning program.
e. B&P Train Tunnel – Community meeting planned for March
f. North Ave Streetstcape – RHIC/Druid Heights CDC/Coppin CDC working with Neighborhood Design Center to create vision for North Ave streetscape to present to City DOT. Community feedback needed. Current draft of vision available on RHIC’s website: reservoirhill.net
g. Next general meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 17
Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

Submitted by A. Francisco, G. Grenier and K. Ziombra