Minutes – January 2014

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association

Meeting Minutes
14 January 2014

Meeting Called to order at 7:05 pm, 14 people present, Introductions were made

Treasurer’s Report
​The treasurer reported a closing balance of $7479.60 in the account. Of that balance $668.60 is not already committed to grants.

Old Business
Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) Grant:
– BCF $2700 discretionary grant update. Members reviewed the motion to use the funds to repair the asphalt block sidewalk on the 2000 block of MRT. This project is now on hold due to planned gas-line replacement work by BGE.

501c3 Status:
– In preparation. Doug is getting the paperwork.

Home & Garden Tour:
– The tour will be June 7&8. Post cards will be distributed in lieu of flyers. Volunteers are needed to help plan and prepare. Please contact Kim to help out.

Destroyed Garden:
– Russ’ landscaped terrace on Park at Reservoir was destroyed by the City, but can be adopted by HMRTA, hopefully to prevent future destruction. The City will be asked for replacement plants.

Traffic Control:
– Doug has sent inquiries to Councilman Mosby about new traffic control options; a stop sign on MRT at Lennox, 25 mph speed limit on 1900 & 2000 blocks of MRT, no right on red on North @ Lennox changed to school hours only.

BGE Gas Line Replacement:
– BGE will be replacing gas lines in our neighborhood, including along MRT. Excavation will take place near the upper sidewalk in the 1900 block and very near the lower sidewalk of the 2000 block, and under the sidewalk of the2100 block. Landscaping in both blocks will be removed and the sidewalk of the 2000 block will be affected. Kim and Cal are speaking with the BGE project manager about the proper replacement of these features and will inform the neighborhood of upcoming work. The nursery at Lennox & North have offered to help with temporary parking.

Green Team:
– Andrea asks for volunteers to help with neighborhood greening project. She suggests a tour of the neighborhood to look for ideas.

New Business
– Officer Horne visited and spoke about the uptick in crime in the neighborhood. There has been a slight rise in both violent crime and property crime in Reservoir Hill. He spoke of two recent arrests of suspects on drug distribution charges.

– Russ Moss spoke about a free concert at Beth Am Synagogue; The Afro-Semitic Experience, taking place on 18 January.

– Andrea announced a chili cook-off that will take place on 26 January, purpose being to have neighbors meet.

– Members suggested organizing neighbors to work on the sidewalk in the 1900 block. Andrea will organize volunteers to support the mason in his work. Please contact Andrea to volunteer.

– Anthony Gill spoke of his request for a change in use at his home at 1918 MRT. Current use is single family, which he wishes to change to 3 units, at 1,000 ft^2 each. Plans call for the garage to be used as a parking area. He says that there will be exterior upgrades.

– Kim noted that neighbors are being ticketed for leaving their cars in the same place for longer than 24 hours. She said that some neighbors have left for vacations for example and have been ticketed, or that some neighbors with multiple cars are getting ticketed. Kim requests that if a neighbor is annoyed by a car left in place for long time, to contact her instead and she will contact the owner about moving the vehicle, rather than have the police issue a ticket.

– Andrea is inaugurating a Google Group site for HMRTA and invites all neighbors to contribute.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

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