Minutes – January 2013

Historic Mount Royal Terrace Association

Meeting Minutes
24 January 2013

1.Sign in: vice president and secretary present, 11 neighbors present in total

2.Treasurers Report: $1100 balance

3.Open issues:
a) Update on Madison Park North; the result of a final appeal by the site owner concerning the revocation of the multi-family tenancy permit is due in March. The City feels confident that their revocation will be upheld.

b) 2013 Home and Garden Tour; Planning for the Tour has begun. Tentative dates are 8 & 9 June. New ideas include a Reservoir Hill Art Exhibition that would be held in a home. There will be another organizational meeting held on Wednesday 30 January at Kim Forsyth’s house. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the planning process.

4.New business:
a) A report was presented by Calvin about upkeep of the park. Leaves have been raked and shrubs were trimmed in the last months. Calvin was instrumental in the award of a $5000 grant for repair of the sidewalk in the 1900 block of MRT. Total repairs if done commercially would be in the range of $8000. A new memorial tree to Mrs. Wells will be planted on the berm northeast of the statue.

b) A neighbor residing at 1918 MRT requests permission to plant a garden within the park on raised beds. The Association discussed the idea, but considered that the Lennox Street Garden is the location where this activity should take place. The request was denied by majority vote.

c) Doug raised several issues about traffic and parking. They are;
1. He suggests removing the ‘No Turn on Red’ sign from North at Park Ave.
2. Suggests reduced speed limit on the 1990 & 2000 blocks of MRT from 25 to 15 mph.
3. Suggests a 2-way stop at MRT and Lennox
4. Suggests angle parking on Reservoir and Lennox Streets
5. Suggests speed bumps on 1900 & 2000 blocks of MRT.
There was extensive discussion concerning these proposals and no clear consensus. Further action has been tabled. It was suggested that a neighbor represent HMRTA interests at RHIC about traffic issues.

d) A neighbor voiced concern about unlicensed panhandlers and fundraisers working at North and MRT. It was agreed by vote that the association should approach the City and police department about removing them from the corner. A neighbor volunteered to draft a letter to Councilman Mosby asking assistance.

e) A neighbor voiced concern about the mess created by feeding of stray cats at North and Lennox. A discussion was held. The neighbors agreed that it is unacceptable that disposable plates be left out to blow away in the wind and that excess food be left out to attract vermin. Neighbors discussed that the lady who feeds should be approached by HMRTA with the offer to supply some non-disposable bowls and the request that food not be left out

Meeting Minutes