Minutes – February 2015

HMRTA General Meeting – February 17, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:04p

Minutes from January general meeting were approved

Kim Forsyth spoke on the BGE gas line work in Reservoir Hill

  • The bricks that were removed from 600 blk Lennox St was part of a DPW task; not part of gas line work
  • Kim will be speaking at the RHIC meeting in March about BGE gas line updates
  • Some neighbors have had issues with the subcontractors doing the work for BGE
    • If you have any issues, please contact Kim (617-686-3484) or Cal ASAP-they will help with the issue before it becomes a big problem
  • Starting the week of February 23, the large gas lines will be installed on the 2300 blk of Mt Royal Terrace and continue south. They will work on Park and North Ave simultaneously
  • After the large gas lines are installed, the contractors will begin doing gas line work on individual homes
    • Notices will be placed on residents doors for scheduling individual gas line work
    • Contractors need a 3×5 space around the gas meter in order to complete their task
    • Residents should clean up the area around their gas meters prior work beginning in their home
    • If the contractors cannot work on resident’s gas meter, the resident will have to reschedule with the contractor
    • Homes with large tall concrete steps will have a vertical gas line installed outside of their home and going into the house
      • This is so BGE can access the gas line without entering the home
      • Ex. 2000 blk Mt. Royal Terrace
      • Home on the corner of Lennox and Park is an example of the vertical gas line.
    • Parking will be tight during construction, especially along the 2000 and 1900 blk of Mt. Royal Terrace
      • Paul Walker and the Board of the facility at 700 W North Ave. have generously offered first-come, first-served parking to those who contact him.
      • Limited overnight parking, available on first-come-first-served basis, will be available in the Daycare Lot (north side opposite building at 700 W North Ave.) between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday, provided that users contact Paul Walker at mtcolfax@yahoo.comor (410) 960-1099 with car license# and cell phone contact information.
      • Those who register to use the lot are herein advised that the Owner of the Lot is not responsible for theft or damages related to your use of the Lot.
    • Paul Doug Hartzell was presented his treasurer emeritus award


Committee Reports


  • Greg attended the February BPN meeting
    • BPN is not interested in sponsoring the Home and Garden Tour this year
  • Greg attended the February RHIC meeting
    • BGE spoke about the recent power outages in Reservoir Hill but were unable to give an explanation for the cause
    • Four block clubs were in attendance
      • Greg spoke about collaborating with other RH block clubs and the other block clubs in attendance were very excited about that
    • HMRTA board voted to align with the Mount Royal Community Development Corporation (MRCDC) on the issue of MPN
      • The board will draft a letter to send to MRCDC outlining specific conditions
        • The board can attend all meetings
        • The board stipulates when and how HMRTA is represented
        • The board is in full communication with MRCDC on MPN
        • Can attend all future board meetings, but not be an electing body
      • The board will apply the same tactic for working with RHIC and other organizations on specific issues
      • Jacob Green, board member of MRCDC, was in attendance and said they are creating an MPN alliance group and therefore will not have a board
        • He was happy that HMRTA will be represented


  • Carl and Jason will be conducting a lighting survey of the neighborhood when the weather is a little warmer
    • They will be investigating the different light levels in the neighborhood
    • Looking at difference between cobra and acorn lights


  • The neighbors surrounding lot 51 (space between Lennox, MRT, Reservoir, and Park) will be submitting an application to Baltimore Greenspace to begin the purchasing process


  • HMRTA wants to host an architectural open house in the spring
    • Display the unique differences in homes in Reservoir Hill neighborhood
    • Greg is checking with Baltimore Heritage to see if they can help lead tours
    • Contact Rayna Tibrey (raynatibrey@yahoo.com) if you are interested in having your home on the tour, want to volunteer, or want to help with planning
  • The State Center Alliance and MRCDC will be hosting a social event in March to show support for the redevelopment of State Center.


  • The monthly meeting with the Central District Precinct will be held at 6:30, Tuesday, 24 February, at 500 E. Baltimore St.

Treasurer’s Report

  • There is $6,459.28 in the HMRTA account
  • $3,277.54 is in the general account
  • The remainder is allocated to grants

New venue

  • The board has decided to change the venue where we meet since we have been expanding and the current location doesn’t fit our needs
  • From now on, we will be meeting in the MICA Gateway building, room 101
    • The Gateway is located at 1601 W. Mt. Royal Ave
    • The room is to the right when you walk in the doors
  • We will be alternating Monday and Tuesday nights
  • The next meeting will be Monday March 16th at 7p


New business

–     St Francis Neighborhood Center, at 2405 Linden Ave, is collecting donations for the family, both financial and otherwise.  Items needed include:

-size 4t and 5t clothes for the boys
-shoe sizes boys 8 & 9 and women’s size 10
-household items
-personal care items
-gift cards or monetary donations

Checks can be made out to St Francis Neighborhood Center, and all donations can be dropped off or sent to the St Francis.

If you need more information, please contact St Francis Neighborhood Center at info@stfranciscenter.org or (410) 669-2612

–     Poinsettia tour

    • Upper Eutaw-Madison and the MRCDC cohosted the tour last year and included 4 different neighborhoods
    • They want to expand for 2015 and would like residents from other parts of Reservoir Hill to attend and participate

–     MECU credit union has grant money available

    • This could be used to have a party in a park in Reservoir Hill to serve as a fundraiser.

Submitted by K. Ziombra